The concept behind lilu is based on a shelf and wall unit but combines both in just one angle, and therefore surprisingly allows for a wide-ranging design freedom on any free wall surface.

This innovative product is characterised by the interplay between the different degrees of material thickness and their elegant chamfered edges, coupled with a high quality lacquer, with light and function, and always in the finest interlübke quality.

lilu combines powerful expression with self-confident reserve, and is a valuable companion and excellent enhancement for all home interiors.


Never boring

lilu changes the wall appearance again and again. Upon request the angled shelves can easily be displaced in order to create new configurations.

There will be light

A dimmable background lighting with colour temperature control emphasizes the lilu angled shelves.


lilu presents beautiful, noble, creative, surprising things and thus the personality of its owner.


M02 crystal white
M03 snow-white
M14 platinum
M29 mist
M21 anthracite
M23 shell
M16 elephant
M06 alabaster
M24 flint-grey
M22 onyx
M08 greige
M36 mastic
M37 manor
M38 capparis
M39 cardamom
M40 masala
M41 burgundy
M42 mallow
M44 guava
M49 rose quartz
M80 laguna
M81 bahia
M82 atlantic
M83 navy
M13 aluminium metallic
M11 silver-grey metallic
M10 bronze metallic
M09 gold metallic


interlübke Individual

Customised lacquer

Customised dimensions

Special drill holes