The base closet stands for functionality and aesthetics
Great functionality in interlübke quality
The wardrobe comes with individual interiors
A wardrobe with plain exterior and classic lines


The most convenient proof that less is definitely more.

A plain exterior, classic lines, and all in customary interlübke quality: base is literally the best basis for any furnishing arrangement. We provide its interior with a silver-gray metallic or snowwhite lacquer finish and its inner side panels with an innovative perforated rail system, enabling all inner compartment elements to be adjusted flexibly in 5-centimeter-steps.

Interior finish

You can choose between snow white or silver-grey metallic for the interior fittings. The inner surfaces of the side and middle walls feature an innovative punched rail system, meaning that the inner partition elements can be adjusted at 5 cm intervals.

Interior components

When it comes to individual interiors, the insert shelves with and without hanging rail, hanging rails, interior drawers, laundry baskets, trouser pull-outs, shoe pull-outs, shoe racks, insert shelves with lighting, and center panels ensure that there is little left to be desired. All features are attached by means of the typical interlübke perforated rail, so the height can be adjusted and items added at any time without damaging the sides of the wardrobe.

LED Lighting

Insert shelves with integrated lighting that, thanks to motion sensors, switches on automatically when the doors are opened and shows the wardrobe contents in the perfect light. The shelf height is always easy to adjust, and they can be added at any time without having to take into account any kind of cabling.

Instant access

Choose between the handle strips in glossy aluminum or the plateau handles in any matte lacquer version.


M38 capparis
M08 greige
M39 cardamom
M40 masala
M36 mastic
M37 manor
M02 crystal white
M06 alabaster
M22 onyx
M24 flint-grey
M41 burgundy
M42 mallow
M44 guava
M49 rose quartz
M80 laguna
M81 bahia
M82 atlantic
M83 navy
M03 snow-white
M14 platinum
M29 mist
M21 anthracite
M23 shell
M16 elephant
M13 aluminium metallic
M11 silver-grey metallic
M10 bronze metallic
M09 gold metallic
M40 masala
M2101 happy yellow
M2102 beach beige


Assembly instructions

interlübke Individual

Customised lacquer

Customised dimensions

Special drill holes