jorel reflect - now with sepia mirror

The new version with sepia mirror at jorel radiates warm elegance. Together, the softly reflecting, vapourised surface and the hand-lacquered glass in the dark elephant colour create an inimitably elegant look that is second to none.

Perfectly shaped details
With jorel, the 0.4 cm thick sepia mirror fronts together with the 0.4 cm thick, purist aluminium drawer frames in elegant cashmere grey create a perfect whole. Uniquely interlübke.

The purist jorel design shows off fine materials and high-quality workmanship to best advantage. Vertically arranged handle coves together with the fine, upwardly protruding fronts emphasise the vertical design. Opening is done by reaching behind the fronts. In the case of drawers, this is done laterally via the handle cove, and in the case of doors from above - without push-to-open technology and thus without fingerprints.

interlübke Individual

Customised lacquer

Customised dimensions

Special drill holes