New products

The magic of the beginning. For two generations.
New start at interlübke

The legendary German company interlübke has had new owners since the beginning of 2018: the award-winning entrepreneurial family Schramm, which runs the eponymous high-quality bed manufacturer in Winnweiler for the third and fourth generation. „The purchase of interlübke is an incredible opportunity for us: another strong brand next to ours. A company that is still radiant.“ (Philipp Schramm, CEO, 27 years)

just cube
Much will remain the same, but differently

In January, interlübke presents its big new masterpiece: „just cube“. This is a detailed customizable sideboard system with innovative materials, new colors and elements, with which each customer can create their own personal piece of furniture in three steps: sideboard, showcase, standing on the floor, hanging on the wall, with feet or without.


filigree yet load-bearing
Display cabinet

As an individual item of furniture on legs or base frames, as a side end section on sideboards or highboards, placed on top of closed modules or between closed modules our display cabinets are versatile in planning and display beautiful things at their very best.


Shelf system

lilu suits every room, from the entrance hall, to the sitting room, to the kitchen, whether it is arranged on its own, above or adjacent to the sideboard or horizontal or vertical. And the key attribute: The flexible shelves can always be rearranged at a later date.



The new jorel combines clear and aesthetic design with a wide range of available, authentic materials. Choose between lacquer, glass, aluminium or stainless steel to create a furniture perfectly matching your individual style.