interlübke individual, unique as standard.
As individual as your style.

Of course, our pieces are modern classics. And naturally there is a good reason that collect, grid, change and studimo look exactly the way they do. But to ensure that they also look perfect in your customers’ homes, minor or major adjustments sometimes need to be undertaken. Naturally, we will gladly implement these, in the accustomed interlübke quality.

Customised lacquer

  • customised lacquer in matt and high-gloss with control sample
  • matt lacquer surfaces in all colours Caparol Icons, NCS, RAL, Sikkens
  • matt lacquer to match individual customer samples
  • except for colours like neon such as metallic- and perl effects

Customised dimensions

  • for all fronts (change, collect and grid)
  • collect: no extra cost for shortenings of width, height and depth, slanting wardrobe elements
  • studimo: shelves, sides and back walls at no extra cost in customised heights, depths and widths

Special drill holes

  • individual drilling grids beyond thestandard grids
  • individual drill holes, e. g. for fitting above/around doors or windows
  • cable grommets in any position
  • plus other custom-made versions


  • for cable routing and plug sockets
  • for special room situations and passage ways
  • plus other custom-made versions

Inner values

  • the perforated rails offer variability, through height-adjustable shelves
  • plastic sleeves prevent frayed drill hole edges
  • inside lacquered carcases which avoid unpleasant plastic edges
  • no visible technical details on drawers

Outer values

  • media and soundbar modules make a consistent appearance and best acoustic
  • perfection through accurate chamrered and grooved edges
  • handles are inserted at the top of the front
  • no visible fittings on display cabinets
  • lilu: induvidual wall decoration through rearrangeable shelves at any time


  • unique woods like the bog oak
  • elaborate stainless steel and glass fronts
  • genuine, noble stone cover panels
  • leather cover panels, saddle-stitched by hand


  • exclusively made in Germany, to German standards
  • the lacquers comply with European Standard for toy safety
  • a part of our heat demand is covered by the combustion of scrap
  • photovoltaics let us genarate self-produced electric power