shelf system with astonishing scope and capacity
Shelf system as bookshelf for living room


Strikingly beautiful. Impressively solid. Shelving at its very best.

The simple 9x3x3 rule applies for designing with grid: three system widths and three shelf depths can be combined with nine different end heights. Together with our various colors, modular inserts and front variants, the results are a large number of individual design options.

Back panels, shelves and side panels can be colored individually in any shade required. The same applies to the modular inserts which are fitted with drawers, doors or flaps and therefore make a real difference on any scale. grid is a remarkably intricate shelf system with astonishing scope and capacity.

Thanks to its innovative design, it offers the most diverse design solutions like continuous shelving, stand-alone units, sideboards, booksheves or TV walls, floor-based or wall-mounted. Thanks to the interplay with the different shelf depths, open and closed areas as well as differently coloured accent back panels and fronts, almost unlimited design possibilities exist. Extra-deep module inserts with drawers or flaps not only offer plenty of storage space, but also set additional accents with their voluminous appearance.


M38 capparis
M08 greige
M39 cardamom
M40 masala
M36 mastic
M37 manor
M02 crystal white
M06 alabaster
M22 onyx
M24 flint-grey
M41 burgundy
M42 mallow
M44 guava
M49 rose quartz
M80 laguna
M81 bahia
M82 atlantic
M83 navy
M03 snow-white
M14 platinum
M29 mist
M21 anthracite
M23 shell
M16 elephant
M122 onyx
M102 crystal white
M103 snow-white
M121 anthracite
M13 aluminium metallic
M11 silver-grey metallic
M10 bronze metallic
M09 gold metallic
D70 natural oak
D76 oak white oiled
B73 agate ash
E76 walnut canela oiled
E70 natural walnut
D75 bog oak
O61 limestone – grigio carnico patinato
O27 limestone – Grafite brown patinato
O63 granite – breccia imperial satin
O64 quartzite – tropical storm sanded
O26 quartzite – Taj Mahal satin-finished
O24 marble – Arabescato corchia polished
M40 masala
M2101 happy yellow
M2102 beach beige


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