Izzy bed
Bed with straight headboard and upholstery
Bed with low curved headboard
Bed with high curved headboard
Bed with low curved headboard


A bed that is already a pleasure before you close your eyes.

It is nice when a piece of furniture has more useful attributes than you can see at a glance. To create a well-designed bed it is important to understand what matters most: a restful-night’s sleep. izzy is the perfect-solution. A bed system based on a self-supporting chassis that is compatible with all commercially available inset base systems.

Available in different heights and material thicknesses, with or without storage compartment at the foot of the bed. How about background lighting? Cable management? Detachable padding on the headboard? Would you like your bed floating or standing on feet or a pedestal? An attachable table or flaps for neat and tidy storage? izzy offers you all the choices in the world.

Individual – the headboards

Different headboards offer options to customize your design and match well with the variety of different base system and body heights. Choose between a low or a high curved headboard to get perfectly comfortable in your new interlübke izzy bed.

Comfortable – the upholstery

The upholstery for curved and straight headboards are easily detachable for cleaning and available with vertical or rectangular quilting. The same applies to the upholstery that turns the footboard box into a comfortable seat.

Feet, pedestal, floating bed – make your choice

The floating bed gives, thanks to the invisible feet, an elegante, lightweight appearance. If nothing supposed to get lost underneath the bed, you should choose izzy with a circumferential pedestal. Visible feet offer the choice between round or blade-shaped feet in 36 matt lacquers, in chrome or in polished aluminium.

Functional – the attachable table

The only 0.8 mm thick attachable table made of high-quality HPL subtly blends into the design of the bed. Its drop shape gently nestles into the bedside and complements the convex shape of the headboard.

Clever - the headboard box

Available with or without atmospheric lighting, no low-hanging cables that create an eyesore or get in the way when vacuuming. With its depth of only 16 cm, the headboard box for cable management takes up surprisingly little space. Brushes on the side keep charging cables for your electronic devices in place so you can easily connect your smartphone, tablet and other gadgets.

Hinged - the footboard box

The modern interpretation of an upholstered bench: the bedsides seamlessly continue to the front edge of the footboard box. At the same time, the L-shaped flap guarantees a similarly seamless frontal view, which has light, floating appearance thanks to the recessed feet. Not only is the footboard box perfect for putting on your socks and shoes while comfortably seated, in beds with 25-cm or 30-cm bedsides, it also provides additional storage space for duvets, pillows and plenty more.


M38 capparis
M08 greige
M39 cardamom
M40 masala
M36 mastic
M37 manor
M02 crystal white
M06 alabaster
M22 onyx
M24 flint-grey
M41 burgundy
M42 mallow
M44 guava
M49 rose quartz
M80 laguna
M81 bahia
M82 atlantic
M83 navy
M03 snow-white
M14 platinum
M29 mist
M21 anthracite
M23 shell
M16 elephant
M11 silver-grey metallic
M10 bronze metallic
M09 gold metallic
M15 messing metallic
W.. fabric lining
M42 malve
M2301 chili


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