Getting a grip on handle-less. No unsightly fingerprints are left when opening jorel. This is thanks to the protruding front in combination with the vertical handle groove. Simply brilliant. jorel is also available as a room divider or to hang on the wall, reinforcing the impression of having a work of art in the room. That is why only high-quality materials are used for jorel: soft matte lacquer, glass, hot-rolled stainless steel in silvertouch look, elegant stones and wood.

iconic elegance

Handleless with handle, the doors and drawers open directly, without push-to-open technology. The perfect prerequisite for jorel reflect, the sepia and indigo mirror finish, as this allows the beautiful, iconic sideboards to be opened without leaving unsightly fingerprints.

Asymmetry creates tension

The puristic jorel design makes the most of elegant materials and the highquality processing. Along with the only 4 mm thick fronts that protrude at the top, the vertically positioned handle grooves emphasize the upright design. They open directly without the use of push-to-open technology. Excitement is created by asymmetry: handle grooves and drawer modules are arranged on the left or right of the sideboard.

A sense for detail

The fronts are available in 28 matte lacquers, glass and stainless steel silvertouch, and combined with cover tops in wood or stone. The storage space is fitted individually with drawers and insert shelves behind hinged doors. The mirrored bar compartment is designed with a drawer, bottle pull-out, gray glass insert shelves and lighting profiles. Mirrors and the lighting profiles integrated in the sides of the cabinet set the glasses and bottles in the bar in a proper light.


M38 capparis
M08 greige
M39 cardamom
M40 masala
M36 mastic
M37 manor
M02 crystal white
M06 alabaster
M22 onyx
M24 flint-grey
M41 burgundy
M42 mallow
M44 guava
M49 rose quartz
M80 laguna
M81 bahia
M82 atlantic
M83 navy
M03 snow-white
M14 platinum
M29 mist
M21 anthracite
M23 shell
M16 elephant
M122 onyx
M102 crystal white
M103 snow-white
M121 anthracite
M11 silver-grey metallic
M10 bronze metallic
M09 gold metallic
M15 messing metallic
O56 stainless steel silvertouch
S06 alabaster
S23 shell
S24 flint-grey
S16 elephant
S03 snow-white
S14 platinum
S29 fog
S22 onyx
S08 greige
S36 mastic
S37 manor
S38 capparis
S39 cardamom
S40 masala
S41 burgundy
S42 mallow
S44 guave
S49 rose quarz
S80 laguna
S81 bahia
S82 atlantic
S83 navy
S21 anthracite
S02 crystal-white
T06 alabaster
T23 shell
T24 flint-grey
T16 elephant
T03 snow-white
T14 platinum
T29 fog
T22 onyx
T08 greige
T36 mastic
T37 manor
T38 capparis
T39 cardamom
T40 masala
T41 burgundy
T42 mallow
T44 guava
T49 rose quartz
T80 laguna
T81 bahia
T82 atlantic
T83 navy
T21 anthracite
T02 crystal-white
D70 natural oak
E74 dark walnut
B73 agate ash
E70 natural walnut
D74 dark smoked oak
O68 quartzite- White Fantasy satin-finished
O27 limestone – Grafite brown patinato
O63 granite – breccia imperial satin
O64 quartzite – tropical storm sanded
O26 quartzite – Taj Mahal satin-finished
O24 marble – Arabescato corchia polished
M42 malve
M2301 chili


interlübke Individual

Customised lacquer

Customised dimensions

Special drill holes